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«For man sees those things that are apparent, but the Lord beholds the heart»

(1st Samuel 16:7d)


Looking at the situations we are facing today where crises, challenges, difficulties are occupied, we often have a narrow-minded and superficial literal vision. This is what prevents us from recognizing God’s presence in all circumstances. This is reaffirmed by Saint Joseph Calasanz, who once said, «The religious! When you go across the city must remember that you are a religious, not painter». Indeed, to recognize God’s presence in all, we must have a holistic view of God’s love, not judgments based on what our physical eye sees. That is why we are called to live in the loving gaze of God in all circumstances. That means we need to recognize God even in the worst of our life’s adversities. It is the passport for all acts of love, and this allows for loving-kindness, sharing to be cultivated, and God’s love to be pervasive.

Let’s take a look at some cases in the Scripture to see how God’s vision changed the life of His people: Abraham be known as an old man in the eyes of people, but in God’s eyes, he is the father of the great nation, a blessing generation. Jacob, from now you shall be called Israel. In his brother’s eyes, Joseph is just the lord of dreams, but in God, he will be the lifesaver of the family and the nation. David, his father, looked at him as the shepherd boy, but God calls him a history maker.

In the eyes of God, we are blessed, and we convince ‘in God, we are the masterpiece.’ When we consider our names in God is peace, we will live our life for peace, masterpiece we will live for its perfection. The Lord Jesus called us friends, for, in him, we also inherit God’s kingdom. We must also keep going forward with the mission of love and share it with others. Here is the key if we believe that when God created us, he put a part of himself in us, he powered, he anointed, and crowned us with His favor. Don’t let the situations, the human vision tie us out of love. No matter what we were, if we live in God from now onward, look at things in love, God will always present in us.

Prayer: Lord, we are not asking you to put away of us the crisis, difficulties, challenge moments; but we ask you to use those situations to put us in where we were created to be, using us as your instrument of love now and then. Amen.

Br. Van Luc Tran Sch. P.




Br. Tran Van Luc Sch. P. hails from the Archdiocese of Hanoi, Viet Nam. He is a Marketing graduate, joined the Piarist Fathers in 2014. He took Philosophy units at the Adamson University and Certificate for Practical Social Skills Class at HCMC Youth Employment Service and Vocational Training Center. He is the writer of several books, like, “Hanh Phuc & Khon Ngoan; Tien Van Tam-Nha Giao Duc…” Currently, he is taking Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS) – Maryhill School of Theology.